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CATEGORY: Collectables

Collectables DESCRIPTION: Must Have Collectables.Many details go into the making of these fine hand crafted hardwood trucks.Many are not only stamped with Joe's name but are numbered.

LogTk3bay: 3 or 4 Bay Log Truck $ 179.00 
(3 or) Only 4 Bay Log Truck with Triaxle Tractor and either (3 or) 4 Bay Trailer. At present time out of 3 bay trailer. Has real wood logs (any where from 45-75). All hand made and is for a true collector of fine trucks(it is not a toy). The truck has many extras, such as the stacks, steering wheel,seats and steps.The 2 piece tractor and trailer are app. 34" long. 3 or 4 Bay Log Truck

Coll5: Box Truck Bank $ 75.95 
Fine hardwood hand crafted collectable Box Truck Bank.It is 16" long, 7" high, and 5" wide. It is all handcrafted and fitted together. Only 2 screws in bottom for removing money. Box Truck Bank

Coll7: Dump Trailer/TriaxelTractor $ 160.00 
A collectable truck with many extras(not a toy for a young child). All handmade and laminated together. The dump tailer lifts and can stay up.It is 33"L X 5" W X 7 1/5" H. Made of hardwood and has a polyurethane finish that will last. Can also buy dolly with 2nd Dump trailer. Please call for tis item. ($200) Dump Trailer/TriaxelTractor

Coll8: Log Truck $ 135.95 
Handcrafted hardwood log truck. It is made for collectors of fine wooden trucks(it is not a toy). It has many extras- mirrors, antenna's,steering wheel and many more. All handmade with real wood logs.It is 5" wide, 17 1/4" long and is about 7 1/2" high with the stacks and antenna's on. The rubber bands can be removed and the plates can be put on top. Log Truck

Coll3: Old Time Franklin Tank Truck $ 110.00 
This is not a toy, but a Handmade hardwood truck for a collector of trucks.. No metal is used, the pieces are cut out and hand fitted together. It is laminated together with no nails used. It is about 16" long,7" in height and 5" wide. Many details inside with seat and steering wheel.The trucks are stamped and numbered. They can be personalized with names or your business name. Call for prices for personalizing. Old Time Franklin Tank Truck

Coll2: Old Time Franklin Tow Truck $ 110.00 
We now have more made, just in time for Christmas. This is not a toy. It is a Hardwood Collectable truck. Stamped and Numbered.A lot of detail on the out side, with a seat inside and steering wheel.It is 5" wide, 15" length, and 7" high.
Personalized extra cost.We can do names or business, with proof of ownership.
Contact for Price of Personalization
Old Time Franklin Tow Truck

Coll1: Old Time Stake Rack Truck $ 110.00 
Hardwood Collectable truck(not a toy). Stamped and Numbered.Many details on outside, with seat and steering wheel inside.It is 5" wide, 16" length, and 7" high. Truck can be personalized with name or business with proof of ownership. Contact for price of personalizing.
Old Time Stake Rack Truck

Coll4: Semi-Tractor with Box Trailer $ 119.00 
A semi-trailer truck with a box trailer. Fine hardwood hand crafted collectable. It is 30" long, 8" high, and 5" wide. It is all hand fitted together with
no metal hardware.It has the seat inside and a steering wheel. Many details on the outside of the truck. This truck is one of many that a truck driver would appreciate in his collections or anyone else who collects wooden trucks.
Semi-Tractor with Box Trailer

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